Earth Overshoot Day

overshoothourglassEarth Overshoot Day is not a day to celebrate.  It marks the estimated day in the year when humanity collectively exceeds the planet’s ability to replenish the natural resources we use. This sobering reminder of the importance of reducing our ecological footprint occurred on August 19 this year. So at current rates of resource use we are using a years worth of renewable resources in just 8 months!

The task of restructuring our civilisation so that it works within the limits of our planet is daunting (if it is possible at all). Yet markers like Earth Overshoot Day should be an important reminder that we need to be discussing, exploring and creating alternative ways of being. Its too important to leave up to someone else to fix!

Gardening Workshop: Growing vegetables from seed, successfully

Presented by Sustainable Communities SA – Unley groups
When: Saturday 9th August, 2.00pm
Where: Unley Community Centre, Arthur Street Unley (opposite Unley Shopping Centre).
Cost: free
Registrations by email to Peter.
Please let us know if you plan to come to the workshop – so we can plan for afternoon tea!

growpicThis workshop is for growers who want to grow vegetables from seed.

The workshop will be led by Vivian Curro and Pat Wundersitz – experienced seed savers and gardeners.

The first 40 registrants attending the session will receive a seed raising kit. Other attendees will receive some seeds to start their seed-raising.

The Unley Council has generously provided a grant to support this workshop as part of a series of workshops to help the local community grow more of its own food.

We will have a Q and A session too – so bring along questions you have about your garden and we will (collectively) work out a solution. No one grower has all the answers.

The subsequent workshops, in September and October, will include:

  • September 6: a followup session on growing from seed, and planting out seedlings
  • October 11: propagating from cuttings and perennial food plants

Let us know if you have any topics that you would like covered at future workshops.

You are very welcome to bring friends and fellow growers to all of these workshops.

See you soon!

Save Our Food Bowl, Water and Tourism Rally

by Catherine Pye (Community Action for Sustainability – Mt Gambier)

Join us this Saturday, 2nd August 2014 from 9:45am at Parliament House. We are holding a rally on the steps of Parliament House and marching to Victoria Square with farmers from the Yorke, Eyre, Ackaringa, Fleurieu Peninsula, Kangaroo Island and Limestone Coast of SA to stop open-cut mineral and coal mining, and both conventional and unconventional gas and oil in areas of sustainable agriculture.

Community Action for Sustainability and Limestone Coast Protection Alliance invite you all to help us raise awareness of the dire situation in our rural areas.

  • 90% of the Eyre and Yorke Peninsula are under open – cut mining leases. The Eyre Peninsula supplies 45% of all our wheat and the Yorke Peninsula 25% of all grain grown in SA.
  • The Limestone coast which is totally dependent on underground water in aquifers – is covered with petroleum licenses for gas and oil and there is a risk of an open-cut coal mine near Kingston SE.
  • This is highly productive farmland and 60,000 people live in this region and are dependent on groundwater.
  • BP and Bight Petroleum are exploring for oil and gas around Kangaroo Island and only 10Km offshore of our pristine coastland.