Wicking Beds

There has been a lot of interest lately in wicking beds.  I got one last October and so far have been very happy with it, especially after the stinking hot summer we had. If you are going to put in raised beds I would recommend you look at a  wicking bed. A wicking bed is incorporates a water reservoir beneath the soil layer. The plants are watered by the water from the reservoir being pulled up through the soil like a wick straight to the roots where it’s needed, helping to reduce water use.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI bought a recycled timber kit from Adelaide Hills farmer 2 Acre woods, but if you want to keep costs down there are number of do it yourself designs. See this Sustainable Garden Australia page  for more information wicking beds and how to make your own. My one tip would be to take the time to level the ground you are putting the bed on. I didn’t and have noticed that the slightly higher side dries out more quickly.

Also see Costa’s How to make a Wicking Bed video: www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/l222662/backyard-revolution-how-to-ep3

SHIFT magazine

All this to play our part in a much-needed shift: a shift in attitude, action, and the trajectory our civilization is on.

The SHIFT magazine is a new magazine produced by Australia based charity Sustainability Showcase, whose aim is to help society prepare for the converging crises of ecological and economic decline, and post-peak resources. Run by volunteers and strictly ad-free the magazine creates a space for these important issues, that are overlooked by the mainstream media, to be investigated and discussed fairly. Pdf copies of the magazine can be downloaded for free from their website and they are definitely worth a read. The second issue focusing on the economic systems – its problems and alternative initiatives that are happening now – was published in March. Check it our here.


Exchanging around Australia

From the LETS South Community Barter March Newsletter

We met up with Jess Fritze and Luis Londono at the veggie swap last Saturday! This is their story and contribution to our Newsletter!

Exchanging around Australia
In March 2014, my partner Luis and I started travelling through Australia. As we go we are trying as far as possible to participate in exchange networks like LETS, HelpX and Couchsurfing as well as making use of public services and public places. This is both an economic decision and a personal challenge. We are on our way to live in Colombia (Luis’ home) for a while and wanted to see some of Australia before we went. But seeing as we both quit our (day) jobs to do this, have a mortgage to pay and need our savings for our imminent relocation half way around the world, we are on a pretty tight budget. We are also both passionate about exploring the potential of alternative economics.

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