Minimalism & sustainability

On Saturday I, along with over 500 other people, attended a talk on Minimalism or Simple Living. We are constantly being sold the idea that endless consumption and economic growth are the only way to attain ‘the good life’. So it is refreshing to attend a talk aimed at getting people to really look at what it is that adds value to our life – more and more stuff or is it good health, better relationships, and a chance to make a meaningful contribution to your community while doing something you are passionate about?

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the following TED talk is worth watching:

Given the fact that we live on a finite world, the minimalist movement has a lot to offer as a way to creating strategies, policies and actions that will enable us to live within the limits of our planet. Also something that world leaders at G20 summit could take heed of!

More information:

Growing Bush Foods Workshop

The Sustainable Communities Unley Groups have run a number of free gardening workshops this year using a grant from the The Unley Council. The aim of the workshops and the grant was to help the local community grow more of its own food.

The most popular workshop on ‘pruning fruit and nut trees’ had 100 people in attendance showing that there is strong interest in the wider community in growing our own food. Other workshops, in order of popularity, run by the group were ‘growing vegetables from seed’, ‘growing perennial vegetables and plant propagation’, ‘growing in raised garden beds, vertical gardens and in pots’ and ‘organic pest control’.

Their final workshop for the year will be on ‘Growing Bush Foods in your vegetable garden’. The workshop will be given by Steven Hoepfner – an experienced gardener and avid grower (and consumer) of bush foods. Including Bush foods in the vegetable garden is ideal, especially if using plants from native to South Australia, as they are already adapted to the conditions and require less water and are often highly nutritious.

Steven Hoepfner with his saltbush plants. Great for salads!

Steven Hoepfner with his saltbush plants. Great for salads!

For more details of the workshop see our events page. If you’d like to attend the workshop please RSVP by email to Peter Croft.

Members’ night at the Box Factory

On Thursday 23 October 2014, Sustainable Communities SA held a members night at the Box Factory Community Centre.

We started with a presentation by Sharon Ede about the interactive website she and others have developed called Share and Save: This site aims ‘to provide the information and links to assist South Australians to find and share services, resources and events in their local community to help with the cost of living and improve neighbourhood networks’.

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