Bees of Australia

Honey Bee on Texas Bluebonnet

European Honey Bee

Most of would probably think of a bee as the yellow and black stripped European Honey Bee (Apis mellifera) which lives in hives, makes delicious honey and has a nasty sting.

It’s amazing to realise that the European Honey Bee is just one of the 20,000 species of bees found worldwide. They come in all shapes, sizes and have a variety of social structure and nesting habits. However only a few of these species produce and store honey.

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Grow, Grow, Grow Your Own #6!

Workshop on growing seedlings and microgreens – the 6th in a series presented by Sustainable Communities SA – Unley Groups

2pm Saturday 29 August 2015
Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur Street, Unley

This workshop is for gardeners who want to grow seedlings – some for summer vegetables and some for eating directly as minigreens. Minigreens are particularly suitable for those who can’t manage a garden but who still want to grow their own food and have a sunny spot available.

Pauline's mini-greens

Pauline’s mini-greens

The workshop will be led by Vivian Curro and Pauline Muir – experienced seed savers and gardeners in the City of Unley. Thanks to a generous Unley Council grant it is FREE!

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A new verge garden for Unley

written by Anne Wharton

Our Grow Grow Grow Your Own Group recently put a new raised bed on the verge on the corner of Dover St and Cambridge Tce, Malvern. Nolda who is maintaining the verge garden is particularly interested in bush foods. All the plants in the bed are native bush foods and have either edible leaves or fruits. Hopefully this will give neighbours some new ideas of what plants to try and grow in their own gardens and how to incorporate them into some tasty meals. More and more of our native foods are already appearing in some of the best restaurants. bush bed2

The bed is a wicking bed and should not need too much attention. All the plants are labelled and there is also braille signage around the edges.

The Grow Grow Group are hoping to establish more verge gardens in the Unley Council area later in the year.

For more information and some wild food recipes, have a look at Neville Bonney’s book “Knowing, Growing, Eating: Edible Wild Native Plants for South Australia”.

Food security?

by Peter Croft

Many of us grow some of our own food: in front and back gardens, on porches and balconies, and on verges.

It’s a great feeling doing this. The food is fresh and we know what’s gone into it. And it’s food metres rather than food miles.

sideThere’s a broader issue though: we are heading for a food crisis. At the moment, we have about 7 billion people on the planet but, on current trends, 9 billion by 2050. The apparent productivity gains of the green revolution of the 1970s, involving high-yield plants and intensive use of fertilisers and pesticides, have been overtaken by population growth. Poverty is now on the increase and many people in future will not have enough to eat.

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