Growing Bush Foods Workshop

The Sustainable Communities Unley Groups have run a number of free gardening workshops this year using a grant from the The Unley Council. The aim of the workshops and the grant was to help the local community grow more of its own food.

The most popular workshop on ‘pruning fruit and nut trees’ had 100 people in attendance showing that there is strong interest in the wider community in growing our own food. Other workshops, in order of popularity, run by the group were ‘growing vegetables from seed’, ‘growing perennial vegetables and plant propagation’, ‘growing in raised garden beds, vertical gardens and in pots’ and ‘organic pest control’.

Their final workshop for the year will be on ‘Growing Bush Foods in your vegetable garden’. The workshop will be given by Steven Hoepfner – an experienced gardener and avid grower (and consumer) of bush foods. Including Bush foods in the vegetable garden is ideal, especially if using plants from native to South Australia, as they are already adapted to the conditions and require less water and are often highly nutritious.

Steven Hoepfner with his saltbush plants. Great for salads!

Steven Hoepfner with his saltbush plants. Great for salads!

For more details of the workshop see our events page. If you’d like to attend the workshop please RSVP by email to Peter Croft.

Skill sharing and community building

Last month I spent a enjoyable day with a few other Sustainable Communities SA members learning how to make chutney. The informal skill sharing session was hosted by Patricia and David from the McLaren Vale group. Myself and Eleanor from the Unley group first got to enjoy the numerous local and sustainable initiatives that Willunga has to offer including the WIllunga Farmers and Quarry Markets, the Willunga Community Share, Singing Cricket Food Co-op and Willunga Environment Centre. I dropped off some oranges and books at the Community Share and came away with some celery and a lemongrass plant which has since found a home in my garden.

We then headed back to David and Patricia’s home for an afternoon of chutney making. For many of you this might be a simple thing to make, but for me, not having ever made a chutney, jam or any preserve before, it was a bit daunting. So it was great to get hands on experience from Patricia and to pick up all the little tips and tricks that you don’t get from a book.

Making your own chutney, preserves and jams is a great way to control what goes in (no nasty preservatives), is much cheaper than buying it and can be a good way to use up excess garden produce. Just as important for me though was the great conversation and laughs we shared while making the chutney. It turned what could be quite a laborious task if done individually into a fun afternoon with good company and delicious chutney to take home at the end.



Gardening Workshop: Growing vegetables from seed, successfully

Presented by Sustainable Communities SA – Unley groups
When: Saturday 9th August, 2.00pm
Where: Unley Community Centre, Arthur Street Unley (opposite Unley Shopping Centre).
Cost: free
Registrations by email to Peter.
Please let us know if you plan to come to the workshop – so we can plan for afternoon tea!

growpicThis workshop is for growers who want to grow vegetables from seed.

The workshop will be led by Vivian Curro and Pat Wundersitz – experienced seed savers and gardeners.

The first 40 registrants attending the session will receive a seed raising kit. Other attendees will receive some seeds to start their seed-raising.

The Unley Council has generously provided a grant to support this workshop as part of a series of workshops to help the local community grow more of its own food.

We will have a Q and A session too – so bring along questions you have about your garden and we will (collectively) work out a solution. No one grower has all the answers.

The subsequent workshops, in September and October, will include:

  • September 6: a followup session on growing from seed, and planting out seedlings
  • October 11: propagating from cuttings and perennial food plants

Let us know if you have any topics that you would like covered at future workshops.

You are very welcome to bring friends and fellow growers to all of these workshops.

See you soon!