Enfield Community Group redefines ‘new’

A new community group has started at Enfield. Building community and lowering personal footprint through improving our use of food were the main interests. Rachel already grows quite a lot of her own fruit and vegetables and also teaches people with disadvantage and disability how to grow food. Another member enjoys preserving food and learning to use the harvest of her garden. Alice is propogating and growing food and is keen to assist others through her website www.mykitchengarden.com.au.

Alice who is a young mother is helping her kids to understand sustainability too. She explained: ‘When it is time for a “new” toy we go to the Op Shop and find something of interest. Then we bring it home and if necessary fix it in the workshop.’ So we can all learn from Alice by thinking of getting something ‘different’ rather than being a consumer of resources and buying something ‘new’. That gave me the idea of sharing some of our things – what about lending or borrowing a picture or an ornament in our Community Groups. This would give us a feeling of having something different without purchasing yet another ‘thing’ that uses up resources. How do you feel about that? We would learn something about trust too.


3 thoughts on “Enfield Community Group redefines ‘new’

  1. Love the idea of sharing something ‘different’ rather than ‘new’. Maybe this idea could be put to our community groups as something they could do at Christmas time. (Anne)

  2. Yes that would be a good idea Anne. Perhaps if we ask everyone how they handle Christmas we would discover many new ideas. As we don’t have small grandchildren any more all our family members puts a certain amount of money into a fund and we buy projects through OXFAM or TEAR Fund or equivalent. No “hard” items at all. Beth

  3. For Christmas we have started giving vouchers for ‘Kiva’ and have also convinced our Kiwanis club to make $500 worth of loans. Is amazing to see how fast money is repaid so we can reloan it and makes a huge difference to allowing small entrepreneurs to support their families. Since we were married we have seen Christmas as time to help the planet and in lieu of gifts to each other have purchased our rainwater tanks, solar panels, carport on our western side and larger plants for our garden. I certainly a few pictures in need of ‘rehoming’

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