Sustainable House Day – Sunday 11 September

More than 200 homes around Australia will open their doors for this year’s Sustainable House Day on Sunday 11 September. Here is an invitation to see what sustainable homeowners have done and how these ideas can apply to you! This year Sustainable House Day is presented by Solar Shop Australia.

In Adelaide there will be 12 open houses. Two of these are members of Sustainable Communities SA – Andrew Marsh in Joslin and Chris Bryant and John Boland in Felixstow. In the Clare Valley Transition North Mount Lofty Ranges Communities, a Community Group of Sustainable Communities SA has arranged to have 7 houses open on the day.

So if you’re thinking about improving your home’s energy, water or waste management efficiency, speaking to homeowners about their own experiences is a must. Entry to the houses is free.  For details of houses see


One thought on “Sustainable House Day – Sunday 11 September

  1. Sustainable housing is definitely the right way to go. Something which I find concerning is usual preference in Australia to knock down and rebuild, when with a bit of thinking it is often possible to make an existing structure more sustainable and energy efficient.

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