Natural products for your garden care

Last night at a Community Group meeting the topic for the night was ‘natural products for our garden care’. We listed ways to deal with aphids, snails, earwigs and other nuisance insects. We listed all kinds of companion plants such as marigolds, comfrey, tansy. We talked about nutritional methods such as worm juice, bokashi juice, soaking weeds, especially nettles as well as the cleaning potential of crushed soursob. Everyone contributed enthusiastically and bringing books to refer to.

Finally I asked ‘Who uses urine in the garden?’ Sheepishly every hand went up! After the laughter we started a vigorous discussion of the way we collect this valuable resource, how we dilute it and what we use it for.

So save these valuable nutrients for your garden. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus are a precious and declining resource which are worth saving and using in appropriate ways.


2 thoughts on “Natural products for your garden care

    • Hullo Veronique,

      When the notes from the Tea Tree Gully meeting come through to me I will send them on to you as it was this Community Group that discussed the issues around natural products for the garden.

      As far as using urine in the garden we have used Kevin Handreck’s book – “Gardening Down-Under” for a lot on natural products. Also Earth Garden journals have a lot of information. They are available in the State Library journal section.

      As far as using urine – dilute 10 to 1 and use it on all leafy vegetables – lettuce, spinach, rocket etc. Also rhubarb and citrus. Don’t use it where the fruit is the most important part of the plant as the urine wll just extend leaf growth. Good luck!

      Best wishes Beth

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