Easy to make re-usable produce bags

by Amanda

The use of re-usable grocery bags have become fairly standard practice. Yet there are still lots of disposable plastic and paper bags being used for veggies, bread etc.  These use precious raw materials and energy in their production and, once discarded, become a problem in landfills or worse in our waterways. Even recycling paper bags still uses energy and materials to recycle the paper.

A simple solution is to use re-usable string or cloth bags for your veggies and bread.

Here is a easy way to make your own. You can make them from any light weight, sheer fabric (heavy fabric will add to the cost of the produce) like tulle or old curtains.

You will need:
Sheer, light weight fabric measuring 70cm x 50cm – use light tulle, lightweight curtains, nylon etc
1.5 metres of ribbon or strong twine

1.  Cut the tulle into a rectangle measuring 70cm x 50cm.
2.  Fold in half widthways – your rectangle should measure 35cm x 50cm.
3.  Measure down 2.5cm from top edge on both sides and mark with a pin.
4.  Stitch down first side, starting at pin, and along the bottom to the fold. Turn bag inside out.
5. Starting at the pin, stitch around the bag again, this time along the seam. This will strengthen the seams and make the bag a little stronger.
6.  Make the casing for the ribbon by turning the top edge down 2.5cm and stitching in place. This makes a casing on the top of the bag.
7.  Thread the ribbon through the casing, leaving a length at each end. Knot the ends together. To close the bag, pull up the ribbon and tie a slip knot.

This makes a bag a little larger than a large plastic veggie bag, perfect for family sized quantities of fruit and vegetables.


One thought on “Easy to make re-usable produce bags

  1. This is a great idea Amanda! I still use plastic bags, but use them over and over again, then eventually recycle them in the supermarket bins for soft plastic, when they’re beyond use. I can see I’ll have to move to more sustainable ones!

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