Domestic rubbish collection – reducing waste

by Ashley Campbell
Q. What is better for our environment?
(a) Putting a rubbish bin out for collection every week
(b) Only putting a rubbish bin out when it is full.

A. I guess most SCSA members will say (b). I also say (b) because accelerating a vehicle, especially one with a big load, uses lot of energy. The less times the rubbish truck stops in a street, the better.

Some people will say garbage smells too much if left in the bin too long. This is another good reason to stop putting any organic matter in with rubbish.

Can any member match Ian Modistach’s figure of only 240 litres (equivalent to one of the bins pictured below) of domestic rubbish in over 2 years?*

I think it would be great if Councils and/or Zero Waste SA has random spot prices for households who haven’t put their bin out for garbage collection.

* that was in the late 1990s and included some rubbish for other people too!

WWCC 240 litre Recycling, Green waste and Garbage bins


2 thoughts on “Domestic rubbish collection – reducing waste

  1. Fantastic contribution by Ashley Campbell on Domestic Rubbish Collection. I have actually wondered about this question myself – good to hear Ashley confirm my belief that its better not to put the bin out until its full. Perhaps our SCSA groups could take up a challenge to measure how much they put out, and then try and improve on it. I will take this idea to my 2 local groups.

  2. I’ve been pondering this myself lately too! Especially a user pays possibly…I know it would be a logistical nightmare for council but what if we could opt for smaller rubbish bins. I read once(if i remember correctly)that David Suzuki and his family at one stage threw away a milk carton worth of rubbish per week. Something to aspire to.

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