Free energy saving devices

by Amanda Johnston

Earlier this month we had 2 free Embnertec Smart switches installed on our TV and on a computer. They are designed to shut down the TV after an hour (can be set to 2 or 3 hours etc if preferred) if someone (like the kids!) walk away and leave the TV on. It also automatically turns the TV standby lights off when the TV powers down – savers money each night and when away on holidays etc.

The device for the computer is different and puts the computer into ‘sleep’ mode when left for long periods. If they save power then they are well worth it in my opinion. call The switches turn off not only TV or computer but also all devices connected to them (DVD, speakers, game console, printer, monitor, etc ).

To get more information on the embertec smart switches Tanja on 0422 345 932.Tanja has an engineering background and really knew what she was doing, so I felt reassured that the devices do what they are supposed to. Up to 4 switches are free at the moment through Tanja. Similar devices are also on sale at selected hardware stores.

It will be hard to quantify savings but I feel as though they will be useful for us.


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