10 ideas for Community Groups

Here are some ideas for Community Group activities in 2013. Please share ideas and activities that you have found useful in your group!

  1. Make a solar cooker and try it out – plans are available here: solarcooking.org/plans.
  2. Select a TED talk and watch with your Community Group as a basis for discussion. Take a look at the online comments on your selected talk – they can promote a good discussion.
  3. Contact your local council to let them know about your Commmuity Group. Ask if they have a Sustainability Officer and, if so, let them know about Sustainable Communities and offer to sign them up to receive our newsletter.
  4. Share vegetarian recipes with your Community Group. Go vego one night a week for a month.
  5. Read up on recycling – There’s no such thing as rubbish. Aim to put your bin out once a month instead of fortnightly.
  6. Borrow or hire rather than buy – join the Sharehood or similar, borrow equipment or tools from Adelaide South West Community Centre. Find out what you can borrow in your local area. Work out what you can share with others.
  7. If you normally drive to work, take the bus or other public transport once a week. Don’t forget that some train services are under redevelopment at present.
  8. Do a home energy audit – you can borrow the kits from your public library.
  9. Find out where your local op shop is – go there to buy things you might need, take you quality used items there so they can be used again.
  10. Shop at a local community or farmers market – replace a trip to the supermarket.

Solar cooker


2 thoughts on “10 ideas for Community Groups

  1. Good ideas, Rosalie. Our group is trying something new this year. We are running a 15 to 20 minute workshop during our 2 monthly meetings. All members are taking turns presenting a relevant topic of interest to them or they are skilled in.

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