Smart Move – better for everyone!

Sustainable Communities was privileged to welcome City of Adelaide Lord Mayor, Stephen Yarwood to our public meeting, held on Thursday 23 May 2013 following our 5th AGM.

Stephen spoke about the City of Adelaide’s Smart Move 10 year transport and movement strategy that aims to create better streets and places for people, making the streets safer and more connected, so the city is easier to access and use.

Smart Move slides

Some of the compelling reasons for increasing walking and cycling and reducing car numbers and speed in the city are:

  • Walkers and cyclists are good for business – shops and businesses do better on streets with fewer cars and slower traffic
  • Reducing car speeds makes streets safer for pedestrians, saves lives and prevents  injuries, makes little difference to travel time for drivers
  • Cities that encourage activity and human interactions help to create a healthier population and environment
  • Cities that focus on the needs of the people who live, work, shop there are lively, interesting and pleasant – people want to be there!

Thanks Stephen – we are fully in support of these ideas and hope to see them widely adopted in the City of Adelaide and beyond.

Debbie and Stephen


3 thoughts on “Smart Move – better for everyone!

  1. It is great to see our city council advocating more walking and cycling. Surprisingly ‘Climate Change’ does not rate a mention above as a compelling reason for increasing these modes of transportation.

    More worryingly, the ‘Smart Move’ website makes the following statement under ‘Green Travel’:

    “If the State Government’s 30-year plan for growth is realised, there will be an estimated 42% increase in trips, with at least an additional 100,000 people travelling to and around the city daily”.

    The Adelaide Council ’30 year plan for greater Adelaide’ does mention Climate Change. The plan’s emphasis is on ‘Resilience and Adaptation’ to Climate Change… not about reducing or capping carbon emissions. Smart move?

    • Veronique, the strategy aims to reduce the amount of vehicles traveling through the City – reducing the amount of vehicle in turn reduces carbon emissions. The strategy also looks to increase more flora throughout the City – more flora means a greener City and cleaner air through recycling the CO2.

      It may not talk about climate change directly but the strategy indirectly reduces/caps the carbon emissions…

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