Do you have solar or use green power? Become a solar citizen!

by Beth Mylius

At the Solar Conference last week in Melbourne several speakers referred to the 2 million people who have shown support for solar by the one million rooftop solar systems now in place. Other speakers confirmed that Australia can go forward using 100% renewable energy.


We can work together for a clean energy future by joining  Solar Citizens at

Community Solar is another developing idea with several projects starting. A project  in Melbourne plans to fund a large solar system on the roof of the South Melbourne market.  A project called Farming the Sun is setting up in northern NSW through which people can invest in a community solar project.


2 thoughts on “Do you have solar or use green power? Become a solar citizen!

  1. Thank you for this post, Beth. We are now solar citizens! This is an important initiative.

    A front page article, in last weekend’s ‘Weekend Australian’ entitled ‘Price rise for solar to end power divide’, states that a series of electricity industry reports have highlighted customers without solar power were unfairly subsidising those with them.

    The paper’s environment editor, Graham Lloyd, suggests households with solar power could be forced to pay new fixed charges to make electricity prices ‘fairer’.

    If the electricity industry are seeking to increase profits, they have a strong ally in the Murdoch press. The words ‘fair’ and ‘fairness’ were mentioned no less than 5 times throughout the article.

  2. It concerns me that a group promoting sustainability would advocate for solar power. These industries are owned by fossil fuel companies, dump lead in the waterways surrounding solar panel factories, use rare earth metals that are mined using slave labour, and are totally dependent on back-up run by fossil fuels. The manufacturing process emits nitrogen triflouride, a gas with 17 000 times the global warming potential of CO2. There is nothing sustainable about any of this.

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