Mitcham Community Groups Workshops

by Andrew Tidswell

Following the successful Sustainable Communities Fair, held in conjunction with the Mitcham Council, last year the three Sustainable Communities groups in the Mitcham Council area had some additional funding generously provided by the NRM Board to conduct public workshops.

IMG_1017_3We have held three of these workshops to date, attracting a wide spread of community interest.

  • Firstly one on sustainability for older houses conducted by Andrew Marsh author of the book of the same name and Sustainable Communities regular.
  • Secondly one on composting held at the Picket Fence Community Garden by well-known expert on all things to do with organic gardening, Harry Harrison.
  • Thirdly one on constructing a solar cooker from everyday materials such as cardboard, aluminium foil and tape, by Ashley Campbell.

All were well attended, in fact we have had to schedule another solar cooker workshop for October because of the interest from the public.  We appreciate the NRM funding support and the Mitcham Council’s cooperation in being able to hold these events.

The three Sustainable Communities groups in Mitcham area are also currently planning to have a stall at the upcoming Mitcham Council Voices of the Village Fair this October to keep our profile high in the local community.


One thought on “Mitcham Community Groups Workshops

  1. Hi Andrew I was wondering when the next solar oven workshop was going to be in October. I saw Ashley today and he said I needed to book through you.. many thanks Amber

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