Remembering Ray Mylius

We were sad to hear of the death of Ray Mylius on 18 June 2014. Ray is well known to most members of Sustainable Communities as he, with Beth, played a vital role in the establishment and development of our organisation.

Ray’s life was lived with a unwavering commitment to principles that held great meaning and importance for him. This was demonstrated through his actions including work over many years in overseas development, his practice and teaching as a medical doctor and his involvement in local community issues. Ray brought a depth of intellectual rigour and challenge to our organisation. His hunger for new understanding and his search for ways to live well in our world have given us inspiration and direction as we seek these for ourselves.
Ray also brought his considerable practical skills to our endeavours, making and teaching others to make soap and solar dehydrators. He also volunteered with the setting up of the One Planet Market.
We acknowledge his immense contribution to Sustainable Communities and remember him with affection and gratitude.

One thought on “Remembering Ray Mylius

  1. My thoughts are with you at this sad time Beth. Treasure your love for and memories of Ray. Love Maureen (Essential Edibles) x

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