Neighbours share & swap

Sustainable in Holdfast Bay

Another productive share and swap was held in our neighbourhood  this month. We enjoyed catching up over home baked cookies, muffins and banana cake, all made with organic, free-range eggs. A flock of  free ranging chickens pecked at broccoli leaves in the garden. Their eggs go into making pastries, cakes, and home made pasta. The pasta is also dried and stored – a good way of using surplus eggs.

brighton market 14 sept 2014 015

Hedwig’s front garden – September 2014 Share & Swap

A year ago, the lawn was removed from this front garden and replaced with a dozen fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, lavender and roses. It is already a productive and beautiful space, attracting bees and other beneficial insects. Many of the plants were rescued from other gardens and the rocks shaping the garden path were salvaged from a friend’s garden. There are many more fruit trees in the backyard, as well as a variety of berries, passion fruit, grape vines and vegetable beds.

This month…

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