This Changes Everything

Sustainable in Holdfast Bay

In October 2013, Naomi Klein published an article in New Statesman entitled ‘How science is telling us all to revolt’. She askedIs our relentless quest for economic growth killing the planet?” and concluded “The fact that the business-as-usual pursuit of profits and growth is destabilizing life on earth is no longer something we need to read about in scientific journals. The early signs are unfolding before our eyes”.

4 october 2014 009 - Copy

Klein’s latest book – This Changes Everything –  was published last month. It is a thought-provoking book which tackles the issues at the heart of Climate Change and analyses the root causes of the crisis.


This is a book for our time – a time when our dominant economic model is challenging the reality of earth’s natural limits. Klein makes the case that capitalism, in its present form, is a recipe for disaster. She argues for the…

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