The Dunes, Springs and Gullies of Holdfast Bay

Sustainable in Holdfast Bay

Last Saturday morning, I joined another thirty residents on a guided nature tour of Holdfast Bay. We visited sand dunes, springs and gullies, learning about local ecosystems and biodiversity from three experienced local guides. We discovered stunningly beautiful remnants of a once thriving natural environment and explored the possibilities for  sustainability, community activism, re-conciliation and renewal.

beach 25 aug 2014 035 - Copy

Our first stopover was the Seacliff to Brighton dunes. These dunes constitute the land’s best defense against coastal flooding and erosion. Before European settlement, they supported grasses, sedges, groundcovers, shrubs and trees which stabilized the sand. Sadly, many dune systems along the metropolitan Adelaide coast have now disappeared. By planting over 30,000 native and indigenous plants, a local revegetation project aims to recreate the valuable plant communities that grew there many years ago.

bus tour 18 oct '14 022 - Copy

Gilbertson Gully follows an ancient seasonal watercourse through a residential area. The Kaurna aboriginal people were the original inhabitants of the region and there are many…

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