Council Elections – NPSP

We are in the midst of local government elections here in SA.  In order to find out what the candidates views are on various issues of concern to SCSA members and followers, we have sent a survey to all 25 candidates for the City of Norwood Payneham St Peters.  The questions generally ask about their attitudes to sustainability and the environment.

We were a little late getting this out, but have asked for responses by 29 October so if you can wait until then to vote, we hope to have information which may assist your decision.  We will provide it as a blog or you can email us and we will send you the results.

Thank you to the Blackwood Hills Group, who are also sending questions to their local candidates, and whose questions we followed as a draft. Watch this space!


4 thoughts on “Council Elections – NPSP

  1. hi we are assembling results unfortunately a number of the candidates did not have correct email addresses listed with Council so the results will not be comprehensive!!! and thanks for notice of public forum.

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