Climate Change: faith and fact

By Eleanor Evans

Friends with faith remain unconvinced about the science of climate change and the urgency with which we need to collectively address it?  Why not plant a seed and invite them to watch evangelical Christian and world class climate scientist, Dr Katharine Hayhoe, speak with intelligence and sensitivity on this important issue.  For those without a faith (like myself) it remains an insightful interview that perfectly articulates the science and the barriers that need to be overcome to address climate change both at a local level and on a global scale.


2 thoughts on “Climate Change: faith and fact

  1. Hi Eleanor – a fascinating listen! Thankfully, there *are* some Christians who are enlightened – having spent 30 yrs in the Uniting Church in Darwin, I know there are some wonderful Christian climate change activists around. And of course we have our amazing couple in the Unley Central group, both in their 80s, who are such energetic climate change activists. Thanks for the talk, Dr Hayhoe is quite inspiring.

  2. Your comments are further evidence that moderates of all political and religious persuasions can absorb the science and implications of climate change, and, as a consequence the need to act now in the interests of the grandchildren of my generation. Thank you Anne!

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