A One Planet Lifestyle Economy

A economy that demands infinite growth is not compatible with a the one planet we have. Recent research (see review of papers in Rate of environmental degradation puts life on earth at risk says scientists) is stating even more clearly that the link between the current economic system and our environmental problems.

So what are the alternatives?

The Art of Economics (and may it one day become an art) needs a new story and a new language that doesn’t require us to choose between self and others, work and aliveness, our own lives and the lives of fellow humans or the health of the planet. A language that has the potential to re-frame the story, re-educate our thinking and get us back on the side of community, on the side of the earth and on the side of life. Inez Aponte – From dismal science to language of beauty – Towards a new story of economics

Following is a great clip on one possible happier and more sustainable future.

What would your dream society look like?


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