Plastic free shopping in Adelaide

written by Brindi Johnstone

PlasticFreeJul_FoodCoopPlastic Free July aims to raise awareness of the amount of single-use disposable plastic in our lives and challenges people to do something about it. Here is a small list of ideas for your plastic free shopping in Adelaide. Always remember to bring your own bags/jars/bottles etc and ask for no plastic.

If you can’t buy it, try making your own (ideas here or trade with someone -Adelaide trade sites listed below).

Register for Plastic Free July here.

DRY GOODS (flours, nuts, beans, olive oil etc)


HOUSE AND BATHROOM (Shampoos, dishwashing, soaps etc)


BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSHES (try online too)

SAFETY RAZORS & BLADES (try online too)

  • Shaver Shop (Adelaide, Marion, Colonnades, TTP, West Lakes, Elizabeth)


  • Who Gives a Crap, Vic


Please share your plastic free Adelaide shopping suggestions below!


3 thoughts on “Plastic free shopping in Adelaide

  1. Thanks for compiling this list to help Adelaidians through Plastic Free July (and beyond)! Another worthy inclusion on the list is Ecolateral on Magill Road as they stock reusable sandwich wraps, metal lunchboxes and food storage containers, non-plastic toothbrushes and much more.

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