Future Transport Festival 22-25 October 2015

What will our transport system look like in 20 years? and how will we move to a decarbonised future? These are a couple of the questions being explored at a workshop organised by the Conservation Council of SA being held on Thursday 22 October at the Joinery. See brochure Future Transport

Then on the Sunday 25 October a Family Fun Day with exhibits of the latest technology from hover boards to electric cars with opportunities to try and to talk to the suppliers.  There will also be a display of the outcomes of the brain storm on the Thursday for people to review and comment on.

FutureTransportFestival-Poster advertisement family day


One thought on “Future Transport Festival 22-25 October 2015

  1. The situation is bad now,we did have a daily service to Adelaide that was
    convenient & connected to other Transport Services,what we have now
    is 3 bus services a week that go to Adelaide & arrive too late to
    connect with anything,so where does that put us now?
    So you have to pay for hotel accommodation until there is a
    returning bus’ Now my vehicle & only means of Transport is out of
    So can not go to get food,so now without help ,I am left to Starve!
    Appointments in Adelaide where everything is have to be out!

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