Womad Planet Talks

by Eleanor Evans

I am thrilled to announce that Professor Naomi Oreskes will be speaking at this year’s WOMAD Planet Talks on Monday 14 March 2016. Why am I so excited? Because the book ‘Merchants of Doubt’ has shifted the most educated members of my family about climate change. Why did they shift? Because just like me they read for themselves and were infuriated by the inappropriateness of ex-WWII scientists lending their names to a variety of issues starting with confusing the public about the health consequences from smoking leading up until involving themselves in the climate change ‘debate’. The attached photo is my copy which is the first book I’ve de-faced in my whole life! For those with contacts in NSW and Victoria, you’ll be pleased to know that Professor Oreskes will be in conversation with David Suzuki and Tim Flannery on Tuesday 8 March 2016. See here for details of Sydney talk and Melbourne talk and please forward to your contacts!



One thought on “Womad Planet Talks

  1. Thank you, Eleanor, for your endorsement of this very worthwhile work and the woman responsible for it. We need to understand these strategic relations at work in society. Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ was a similar work, and began an environmental movement that continues still.

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