Health consequences from climate change

by Eleanor Evans

Who would’ve thought that a private commitment to learn about sustainability would lead to a presentation to my medical colleagues?  The annual Doctors for the Environment Australia conference was held last weekend and I was invited to speak.

Last year I delivered my ‘Health and Climate Change’ talk to 14 community groups, including Sustainable Communities. As a result, I found the courage to share my work with my colleagues. The response was overwhelmingly positive and therefore I would like to share it with you.


4 thoughts on “Health consequences from climate change

  1. Eleanor’s dedication and integrity shine through in this plea for our environment. Her research and intellectual skills are highlighted in the storytelling approach she takes, adding the weight and depth of her personal exploration to facts which we know, but which fail to touch so many.

    Please send it to your friends, and particularly those in the medical fraternity, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

  2. Brava Eleanor. Well put together presentation. I wish we could get bi-partisan support on the really important issues in this coming election. I note with sadness that the environment hardly rates a mention, but without a healthy world, all the other concerns will be meaningless.

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