Sustainable Communities SA was established in 2008 as a non-profit, membership-based community organisation. We are located in South Australia with members in the Adelaide metropolitan area and country areas around the state.

Our vision – a just and sustainable society

Our goal – to build resilient communities of people acting to lower their ecological footprint

Our aims

  • Change behaviour towards a sustainable use of the earth’s resources
  • Strengthen community participation
  • Build resilience to environmental, social and economic challenges

The focus of Sustainable Communities SA is on individual and household behaviour change towards living a one planet lifestyle and bringing people together to re-build more cooperative, human scale, resilient and ecologically sustainable communities.

Activities are developed and implemented by local Community Groups and Task Groups. A Coordinating Committee manages the organisation’s business affairs.

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One thought on “About

  1. A very good website..I noticed that your group are the only ones who look at recycling stryrene foam and supply addresses..My reason for this note is that Unley & TTG councils do not show this ..they just say place it in the waste bin…even when ive spoken to Zero Waste some time back they could not supply a place and that included recycling the plastic from electrical cables after the copper wire is removed…having said that quite a while back a company situated just under the new South Road overpass at wingfield said they do but my recent visit to them they said no unless the copper wire is enclosed..so my plastic went into the rubbish bin.

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