Growing a sustainable community

Pauline and Anne with another batch of Pauline's seedlings.

Pauline and Anne with another batch of Pauline’s seedlings.

The Unley community groups, in particular the Grow Grow Grow Your Own group, of Sustainable Communities SA have been working with their local council on the issue of food security for a while now. The group has been running gardening workshops to increase people’s skills in growing their own food and to create a community of skilled food growers in the Unley Council area. As an offshoot Pauline and Anne have been running a series of free propagation and seed raising workshops. Although each workshop takes a lot of time and effort to plan, both Pauline and Anne light up when they talk about them and the buzz they get from the sharing of knowledge with all the participants. Continue reading

Eating local

The Local Harvest challenge of eating locally sourced food is on again this Sun 3rd April to Saturday 9th April. Its a good reminder of the many health and environmental benefits of eating more locally grown food.

So why not make an effort this April to discover some of your local producers from the many Farmers Markets that are now operating across Adelaide, to swap and share produce stalls and other small markets like the One Planet Market.

Or you can even start to grow some of your own. A few pots or a small plot in the garden is all you need to grow some of your own greens and herbs.

Wagtail Farms from Geoff Lawton on Vimeo.

Ending food waste

After watching the movie Just Eat It (see my previous post on this movie) a few members from Sustainable Communities were motivated to go out and see for ourselves what is being thrown away. We were fortunate to find an experienced freegan in fellow Sustainable Communities member Steven. So armed with a knowledgeable guide, a torch, gloves  and bags we hit the streets on a Sunday night.

The essentials-light and milkcrate

Dumpster Diving Tip: a milk crate is a handy tool tool too for extra height and then storage of the loot.

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Food waste – just eat it

Last week I attended a screening of the movie Just eat it at The Joinery. This film raises important issues about the level of food being wasted at every step of production from the grower to the shops and then the consumer and the massive impacts this has on our planet. I have heard previously that people suffering from lack of food in some countries is not due to the scarcity of food but rather the poor distribution of food across the globe.

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