Sustainable House, Sustainable Garden Workshop

Grow, Grow, Grow Your Own presents the second of their free 2017 Workshop Series “Sustainable House, Sustainable Garden”  featuring Professor John Boland and Chrs Bryant at 2pm Saturday 22 April at Unley Community Centre (18 Arthur Street, Unley).

Please register to attend this workshop  by emailing Peter .

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Living more sustainably is a real challenge. Where to start? How to do it? John Boland and Chris Bryant who have made their house more sustainable and grow a lot of their own food are giving this workshop.

John Boland is Professor of Environmental Mathematics at University of South Australia, specialising in modelling of renewable energy and water supply systems. His PhD was in modelling heat flows in houses, which led him on a path towards work in energy efficient housing. Chris Bryant is a part time research assistant, former registered nurse, and an accredited Permaculture Designer. She has been in charge of the garden design features that will be focussed on in this workshop.

Together, they produce 30% of their food from their garden which also acts as climate control, habitat for frogs, birds and lizards, sanctuary and place for enjoyment. On the side, they also manage a rural property in Monarto, where they are custodians for several rare and threatened plant species, including one on the nationally endangered species list. Over thirty years, they have made it into a private conservation park.

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Come along and hear about their experiments and adventure in creating a sustainable home.

Thanks to a generous Unley Council grant: this is a free workshop. If you have any excess produce to share, bring that too!

Merchants of Doubt

by Eleanor Evans

For those who’ve been reading my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been talking about a book called Merchants of Doubt (Oreskes/Conway).  To remind you of my enthusiasm as I read it for the first time, I’ve attached a photo of my copy, demonstrating my increasing frustration at the lengths some people will go to undermine the public’s understanding of a subject such as climate change.  As part of Professor Oreskes’ Australian tour, she did an interview with Margaret Throsby which I enjoyed listening to and hope you will too!



Ruminations on Malcolm’s Blog

By Pat Wundersitz (with Anne Wharton and Anne Wilson)

I was interested to read the blog by Sustainable Communities member, Malcolm McDonell A Sustainable Community – Adelaide: a policy suggestion on 22 December 2015. Without more detail on this proposal, I found some worrisome features in Malcolm’s blog. He is right of course to set us thinking and questioning our future water resources.

The water allocations made to the Australian states were done on projections of higher rainfall than we have seen in recent years. ‘An embargo on issuing new water entitlements for irrigation has been in place since 1975. A system of transferring water entitlements between farms was introduced in 1983, which has allowed increased water usage in some areas’[1]. Hence the awful anomalies which arise now.

It is not just SA which is enduring low water supplies – the Macquarie Marshes which are a big breeding ground for birds, are declining too. I could never understand the sense in allowing a water right to be part of one’s personal estate. I felt we went the wrong way and now it is going to be so difficult to rectify. Continue reading

Womad Planet Talks

by Eleanor Evans

I am thrilled to announce that Professor Naomi Oreskes will be speaking at this year’s WOMAD Planet Talks on Monday 14 March 2016. Why am I so excited? Because the book ‘Merchants of Doubt’ has shifted the most educated members of my family about climate change. Why did they shift? Because just like me they read for themselves and were infuriated by the inappropriateness of ex-WWII scientists lending their names to a variety of issues starting with confusing the public about the health consequences from smoking leading up until involving themselves in the climate change ‘debate’. The attached photo is my copy which is the first book I’ve de-faced in my whole life! For those with contacts in NSW and Victoria, you’ll be pleased to know that Professor Oreskes will be in conversation with David Suzuki and Tim Flannery on Tuesday 8 March 2016. See here for details of Sydney talk and Melbourne talk and please forward to your contacts!