Bill McKibben visits Adelaide

by Pat Wundersitz and Anne Wharton


Friday 4 May 2018. Well, the force was certainly with us at Elder Hall in the dynamic duo of Lisa Lumsden of RePower Port Augusta and Peter Owens of The Wilderness Society. They preceded Bill McKibben of, who spoke of many matters affecting the world’s environment, including his absolute shock at seeing a part of the Barrier Reef, which he had previously visited when it was flourishing, now resembling a barren tennis court.

Following the 3 talks we were all asked to write a letter to the Prime Minister and leave it with the volunteers on the night. My letter in part reads:

… as a result we have committed to write and exhort you to embrace the way we do business in Australia. In Honolulu this week, the CO2 levels registered 412 ppm, which is a huge rise since the beginning of this century.

We need to keep encouraging renewable sources of energy, which will employ a number of our citizens in ongoing work. We need to keep divesting our savings into financial institutions which do not support the fossil fuel industry. We need to halt the expansion of fracking, e.g. new proposals in the NT and SE of South Australia.

We need to stop coal mining in the Galilee Basin which will carry disruption to the water of the Great Artesian Basin. This bothers me greatly, to think that coal producers may have this ancient water for free, but are likely to disrupt water sources for farmers, graziers and people of inland areas.

I worry for the people who follow us. I feel that the destruction of so much of our heritage will leave little joy and wonder in the natural environment that we have experienced.”

I was impressed with the slides of actions taken by groups around the world – actions have been taken in most countries and these were colourful and truly inspiring. Bill closed his talk with a reminder for 3 things to work on:

  1. 100% renewables
  2. No new fossil fuel projects
  3. No money for dirty energy…. He talked of the importance of removing the social license for projects that do such huge damage to our environment

Shinehub Community Solar Program

This may be of interest to some of you:

The SA Community Solar Program is available to anyone who owns a home in or around Adelaide – and signup closes on 2 December 2017. By getting lots of people in one area to go solar at the same time, we can ensure you get the best possible deal.

The program is running several community information sessions and is offering $0 down deals on solar and battery systems through partnership with several pay as you go companies. Repayments are supposed to start at $17/week for solar and $30/week for solar and battery systems, you’ll be able to save from day one without paying anything up front.

For more information on sessions and the program see the Shinehub website.

The Paris Climate Summit and the emerging role of battery storage technology

The Resilient South Councils (Cities of Holdfast Bay, Marion, Mitcham and Onkaparinga) are holding a FREE public climate change event at Tonsley on Wednesday evening 20 July 2016.

The event is supported by ZEN Energy and will feature a presentation from Professor Ross Garnaut who will provide a ‘Post Paris’ debrief on what is required for the global transition to a low carbon economy.

More details: Climate Change Event-20 July 2016

Health consequences from climate change

by Eleanor Evans

Who would’ve thought that a private commitment to learn about sustainability would lead to a presentation to my medical colleagues?  The annual Doctors for the Environment Australia conference was held last weekend and I was invited to speak.

Last year I delivered my ‘Health and Climate Change’ talk to 14 community groups, including Sustainable Communities. As a result, I found the courage to share my work with my colleagues. The response was overwhelmingly positive and therefore I would like to share it with you.