Fund My Neighbourhood –

Be part of making decisions for a better local community through Fund My Neighbourhood, an SA Government program in which you can vote for ideas for local projects and improvements. Voting closes at 5pm, Monday 20 November 2017.

Here are just a few examples of proposed projects:



Propagation workshop in Unley

Report by Anne Wilson and Pauline Muir.  Pictures: Russ Talbot


If there’s one thing that gets gardeners going it’s a ‘hands-on’ session. And when different bands of gardeners get together in good gardening territory there’s no holding back.

16 participants from two Unley groups with garden and food-growing interests combined on a sunny weekend morning in May to practise propagation techniques under the expansive verandah of the Goody Patch Community Garden, with tutelage from Pauline Muir and Anne Wilson. Goody Patch and SCSA members met and mixed happily with regulars from Unley Sustainable Communities’ Grow, Grow, Grow Your Own series of weekend workshops. Continue reading

Grow Grow Grow Your Own (GGGYO) – recent activities

Report by Peter Croft on recent Unley Group activities.

In previous updates, we talked about our focus on food security as a practical way of connecting with the concept of sustainability: as the world population grows from 7 billion now to (a likely) 9 billion by 2050, where will our food come from?

 In our first year, we got an Unley Council grant to distribute planter boxes with seedlings to the community. Since then, using further grants, we have run workshops on growing food and typically attract 40 to 50 people to each session. Our next workshop (12 June) is all about garden design.

grow1 Continue reading

Act locally

by Peter Croft

Local Government (Councils) are a key place to start when looking at making communities more sustainable.

We know of them as responsible for footpaths, roads, rubbish collection and libraries. However their role has developed into something much broader as the three levels of government (Commonwealth, State and local) try and integrate service delivery. Continue reading