Growing a sustainable community

Pauline and Anne with another batch of Pauline's seedlings.

Pauline and Anne with another batch of Pauline’s seedlings.

The Unley community groups, in particular the Grow Grow Grow Your Own group, of Sustainable Communities SA have been working with their local council on the issue of food security for a while now. The group has been running gardening workshops to increase people’s skills in growing their own food and to create a community of skilled food growers in the Unley Council area. As an offshoot Pauline and Anne have been running a series of free propagation and seed raising workshops. Although each workshop takes a lot of time and effort to plan, both Pauline and Anne light up when they talk about them and the buzz they get from the sharing of knowledge with all the participants. Continue reading

Environment Day workshop at Thebarton Senior College

For World Environment Day on Wednesday 8 June 2016, Thebarton Senior College held a Sustainability Expo showing students’ entries in their Poster Competition, student recycling relays and stalls run by invited community groups.

Thebarton Senior College is for students aged mostly between 18 and 30 years, many of whom have recently arrived from overseas and are learning English, vocational skills and doing SACE.

Sustainable Communities SA ran a workshop teaching students about wicking beds made out of mostly recycled materials in polystyrene broccoli boxes.

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Propagation workshop in Unley

Report by Anne Wilson and Pauline Muir.  Pictures: Russ Talbot


If there’s one thing that gets gardeners going it’s a ‘hands-on’ session. And when different bands of gardeners get together in good gardening territory there’s no holding back.

16 participants from two Unley groups with garden and food-growing interests combined on a sunny weekend morning in May to practise propagation techniques under the expansive verandah of the Goody Patch Community Garden, with tutelage from Pauline Muir and Anne Wilson. Goody Patch and SCSA members met and mixed happily with regulars from Unley Sustainable Communities’ Grow, Grow, Grow Your Own series of weekend workshops. Continue reading