Community Group Strengthening Workshops

In 2012 SCSA is running a series of workshops for members of our community groups, aimed as helping and supporting our community groups as they develop and grow. It also gives our members a chance to meet members from other community groups and to share ideas and experiences with each other.

Issues covered in these workshops will be:

  • Better Meetings and Supporting Each Other
  • Public Outreach
  • Learning and Research
  • Behaviour Change

Workshops are being facilitated by Natasha Davis from Sustainable Focus.

Outcomes from workshops and the tools used are provided below.

Workshop 1. Better meetings and supporting each other
How are you listening
Group norms SCSA North & East
Group norms SCSA South & West
Effective groups and meetings

Workshop 2. Growing, linking and networking
Workshop 2 notes – SCSA Northern & Eastern groups
Workshop 2 notes – SCSA Southern & Western groups

Workshop 3: Tools for Change
Workshop 3 notes


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