Urban Foraging workshop

Grow Grow Grow Your Own Urban Foraging workshop on 8 April 2018 with Kate Grigg attracted 60 participants. The workshop had a particular focus on fungi and sharing of seeds – we are trying to grow seedlings for a refugee garden in Kilburn.


Website & media – we need your help!

Website refresh pop up ‘brains trust’
Sustainable Communities SA is looking for a small group of volunteers to form a short-term group to help us refresh our website – sustainablecommunitiessa.org.au. We are looking for people who are familiar with the website, as well as those who have not used it before.

The group would meet once or twice over the next 3 months to provide:

  • Thoughts on what the purpose of a refreshed Sustainable Communities SA website might include
  • Feedback on the current website – what you like about it, and things that could be improved – including functionality, structure, design/style and content
  • Input into what you would like to see included
  • Feedback on the design and functionality of a new website as it is developed

A website developer will lead the group through the development process.

This is a great chance to be exposed to basic website planning, shape the organisation’s website, and meet others who have an interest in this area.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or would like to help out, please contact Tania Macdonald, Tania.Macdonald@sa.gov.au or call 0407 141 812 by 5pm Friday 20 April 2018.

Online communications roles and tasks
Sustainable Communities SA is also looking for volunteers to help with a range of online communication roles and tasks, including:

  • Compiling and distributing a quarterly e-newsletter (using Mail Chimp)
  • Updating the website (using WordPress)
  • Updating Facebook

Whether you’re interested in just one or all of these tasks, please let us know. You will be supported and gain experience in using online communication tools, hone your editing and writing skills, and build your portfolio with real world examples of your work.

Whether you’re looking to gain experience in communications and/or sustainability, or just want to ‘do your part’, we’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in finding out more, or would like to help, please contact Rosalie at info@sustainablecommunitiessa.org.au by 5pm Friday 20 April 2018.

Heroic Tourism did it for the dolphins!

by Jessie Panazzolo

Heroic Tourism, a local Adelaide conservation venture run by Jessie Panazzolo and Shannon Moulds, was proud to focus its first event in 2018 on the plight of dolphins in the tourism industry.

Since 2014, Heroic Tourism has been running as a global initiative to promote positive ethical alternatives to detrimental tourist ventures for wildlife. The event featured a screening on 7 March 2018 of The Cove, about Ric O’Barry’s investigation into the dolphin industry and the impacts that capturing dolphins has on captive individuals, wild populations and the health of Japanese citizens. After the screening, we held a discussion to find out how much the attendees knew about dolphins in tourism, what shocked them and what they had learned from the event.


Here are some reactions:

It’s important to see these things even if you know about the situation, to truly understand the enormity and make that emotional/cognitive connection. Humans (the ones in power) are motivated by greed and have an incredible amount of cognitive dissonance and or willful ignorance. You’re either an activist or an in-activist.

That dude’s persistence to make a change- proved to me that individuals can make a difference. Also how much exposure and understanding can impact an issue – we all need to share as much info as we possibly can!

I had no idea about how dolphins were being treated and mass murdered for no reason. Like I was aware that, yes, captive animals have a lower quality of life compared to wild animals in their natural environment, but I assumed that places like SeaWorld took care of its animals. Now I wonder how many other animal related attractions take terrible care of their animals!

After watching the documentary, 100% of attendees said that they cared more about dolphins in the tourism industry and 78% of people said that since the event they are more inclined to see animals in the wild rather than in tourist facilities.

On Saturday 10 March 2018 we hosted an excursion to swim with Adelaide dolphins on the Temptation sailing boat. We saw two species of dolphins, the local residents, Bottlenose Dolphins as well as the migratory Common Dolphin. It was shocking to hear that Bottlenose Dolphins can live up to 60 years in the wild, but only live up to five years in captivity which just goes to show that being a tourism hero can add 55 years to a dolphin’s life!


If you want to get involved with Heroic Tourism and our future events, please check our website www.heroictourism.com or our Facebook page for updates. Our next event, Education for Elephants on 20 April 2018, in aid of SA Youth Week, will focus on elephants in the tourism industry.

Thank you to Sustainable Communities for supporting this event and we look forward to working with them and a brand new lot of Tourism Heroes in future!



NEW! Seacliff Community Produce Swap


The Seacliff Community Produce Swap, supported by Sustainable Communities SA, is a monthly event to bring local community together, to share excess homegrown produce, to take home some goodies, to have a chat with neighbours and new friends over a cuppa, to share gardening knowledge, seeds and seedlings, and to connect with others over super local produce.

Starting Sunday 25 February 2018

9.30am-10.30am (swap at 10am)
at Kauri Reserve, 40a Kauri Parade, Seacliff
Then continuing on the last Sunday of every month 
Everyone is welcome!

During the warmer months (February-April) the swap will take place in Kauri Reserve,  corner of Wheatland Street and Kauri Parade, Seacliff.

Bring along any excess home grown fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, nuts, seeds and seedlings or homemade jams, preserves and baked goods. All goods are placed on the share table as people arrive, then at 10am sharp everyone is welcome to take whatever they would like. It is not a direct swap as such (ie you don’t swap your ‘something’ for ‘something’ else) but an informal swap and share.

Please come along even if you don’t have much or anything to contribute. Maybe you will the following month. Instead you could bake a cake for all to enjoy over their cuppa, or just provide us with a smile and your presence. The produce swap is about connecting with your local community. Everyone is welcome.

Produce swaps are a beautiful way to share and connect and we promise you will go home with a big smile. Newcomers are always welcomed.

Enquiries: Emma 0417 827 319, emma@asimpleshift.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/seacliffproduceswap

Please get in touch if you would like to be on our mailing list to receive a monthly reminder.