Backyard Community Group gardening

Backyard Community Group gardening is one of Sustainable Communities South Australia’s programs aimed at fostering cooperative communities.

The idea is to have a small group gardening together in a backyard offered by people who would like to have others working in their garden. Gardens have been offered by people with a disability, isolated, elderly or with space they would like to share with others. Some of our members live in units or rented homes and do not have their own gardening space. They have been pleased to join a group to garden together with others and have home grown vegies.

The harvest and the costs are shared. Sustainable Communities SA purchased mobile water meters with a Natural Resource Management Board Grant to attach to the hose line so that the cost of water can be shared appropriately with the owner.

Currently, there are seven gardens involved in the Norwood Payneham & St Peters council area on:

  • Angus Ave, Vale Park
  • Eighth Ave, St Peters
  • Battams Rd, Royston Park
  • Henry St, Payneham
  • Lavers Tce, Felixstow
  • Eden Ave, Kensington Gardens
  • Janet St, Maylands

For more information contact Beth Mylius at


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