Catalysts for Behaviour Change & Environmental Awareness

This project was funded by Natural Resource Management Board Grant. The Grant enabled Sustainable Communities SA to purchase water meters and Bokashi bins.

The water meters are used in the Backyard Community Group Gardening project. The meters allow the cost of water to be calculated and shared between the gardeners and the garden owner.

The Bokashi Bins were bought to encourage people living in units or apartments to dispose of their food waste using the Bokashi method, instead of putting it in the rubbish bin  and contributing to landfill.

Different arrangements have been made to deal with the contents of the Bokashi bin when full. For example, Muriel, who lives in a unit in an independent living complex, collects food waste from 7 neighbours, she manages two bins and gets assistance from the handyman to take the bin down for the contents to be buried in the garden which Muriel loves. Elizabeth lets a neighbour know when her bin is full and it is collected, emptied by the neighbour in her garden and returned.


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