Sustainability & the Old Australian House Handbook

Sustainable Communities SA member, Andrew Marsh, has published Sustainability and the old Australian house, a handbook that addresses energy use in old Australian houses.  The focus is on the causes of energy wastage and the ways to reduce it.  It is aimed at the DIY householder in particular and details, in lay terms, the various ways to reduce bills and increase comfort levels in the home. Most subjects are explored in some depth with illustrations to provide additional detail where necessary.

One of the handbook’s purposes is to assist householders who are faced with energy saving decisions, to weight and rate the various solutions and prioritise spending to the best effect.   For each subject, several products are examined and independently tested to compare the relative value of one energy saving solution to another.

In short, the handbook is a useful reference for anyone living in an old home with an eye on sustainability. The initial issue covers energy wastage and reduction. Andrew plans to expand this to water and household recycling in the future.

The Conservation Council SA awarded SCSA a grant of $4500 towards the production of this handbook, which is being used to cover research, testing, publication and promotion costs.


One thought on “Sustainability & the Old Australian House Handbook

  1. Sounds great! Does it cover passive solar design? PS should be compulsory in Australia, and probably everywhere else, too. Shame hardly anybody does it … yet?

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