Electronic Recycling Australia

By Anne Bunning
Thought I’d let you know about Electronic Recycling Australia’s (ERA) bins (branded Unplug N’Drop) for anything vaguely electronic. There are 23 Unplug N Drop bins around metropolitan Adelaide, as well as several rural locations around SA.
Depositing all your electronic stuff is free and they really take anything from the batteries inside the radio to CDs, mobiles, cables, mouses, to the more obvious things like laptops and TVs. The best thing I saw were the insides of traffic lights – the arrows and the body shapes. The basic rule is – if it is domestic, plugs into a power point, uses a charger or is powered by battery ERA will take it.

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Recycling and reusing through hard rubbish collection

Hard rubbish collection has been a great source of things to help with my expanding vegetable growing – pots big and small, trays, a potting table as well as buckets and storage bins for straw. Reusing things others have finished with is a great way of recycling and preventing a little bit being crushed up and dumped in the landfill.

Hard rubbish collection is nearly finished in our area for this year but perhaps we could be more organised next year and try and reuse more things especially to reduce, even a little, the great problem of landfill.