Workshops – growing more of your own food

Sustainable Communities SA Unley groups ran a pruning workshop on 21 June 2014. Over 70 people came to hear Steven Hoepfner describe how to prune fruit and nut trees to achieve long-term productivity. Many questions and lots of interest! We are also running a follow-up pruning workshop on 5 July 2014 for those who couldn’t make it to the first one and to answer some of the more detailed questions.


This is the third in the series of workshops we have run this year – the first was on organic pest control, the second on growing at another level such as pots, raised garden beds and vertical gardens. In August we are planning a growing from seed workshop.

The overall theme for these workshops is encouraging the community to grow more of their own food and to share knowledge and produce in doing so. We have been helped by the Unley Council (which has provided us with a generous grant and trees for pruning) and the Eastern Courier which has published articles about the workshops.

If you are interested in attending the 5 July pruning workshop, to be held at Morrie Harrell Reserve in Ramage Street Unley at 2.30pm, please register with Peter Croft on 0401 122 547.


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