Divestment Day 13 Feb 2015

By Eleanor Evans

Shortly after I graduated from medicine and was working as an intern, it came to my attention that my superannuation fund was invested in uranium mining. This did not sit well with me so as soon as I could I rolled it over to an ethical fund.

Similarly as a devoted aunt (four nephews with my first niece in late December 2014) when it came to my attention that my bank was heavily invested in fossil fuels, I checked www.marketforces.org.au and made the switch.

It was not OK with me as a GP with a large cohort of paediatric patients that I was investing in a bank that would make life more difficult for them as they grew up. It was not OK with me that I was banking with an institution that would create conditions more suitable for other species instead of my nephews and niece! Ultimately that is what divestment is about. It is about saying with your money that it is time to take personal responsibility for what you are able to, that it is only OK to invest in the future and not contribute to making humans a ‘past species’.

That’s the doom and gloom side. On the other hand it is the easiest thing to do.

18th October 2014 C (12)My other organization, Doctors for the Environment Australia, is similarly motivated and here is a photo of SA members at the last divestment day (18th of October 2014). A larger group will gather to celebrate this important contribution to the global movement to address Climate change at the next Divestment Day (Friday the 13th of February 11am at corner of King William Street and Rundle Mall). I hope to see some familiar SCSA faces to celebrate this vote with our money.

(more infomation on Divestment Day event on facebook)


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